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From Family leave to Working life coaching


Provided by Aurakoulutus and Turun TAITO-Koulutus Oy

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Our coaching service

From Family leave to working life is career coaching tailored for parents, with the aim of easing the transition from the family leave closer to working life. Coaching sessions are easy-going, encouraging and practical. Together we can search for information and find solutions to the things concerning you. The topics of coaching depend on your needs. For example, identifying your own strengths, finding your career path, work possibilities, education opportunities, modern ways of finding a job, creating personalized CVs and applications, networking, balancing work and family life, finding solutions to everyday challenges, dealing the paperwork regarding unemployment and family benefits, and improving parents’ and families’ well-being are some of the topics that can be covered in the coaching. Participating in the coaching can help clarify your thoughts about your next steps on your career path and give you a clear plan for the future. Let's move forward together in your and your family's pace towards your career goal.

Who can sign up? How is it organized?

Parents who are on family leave and live in the Turku region can sign up. Parents with different labor market situations, educational backgrounds, schedules and goals can participate in the coaching. You can have a job to return to, you can be unemployed, there may be uncertainties regarding going back to work or applying for a new job, you may be looking for a new career path, for example. Free of charge, voluntary low-threshold career coaching includes one-on-one meetings where we move towards your own personal goals, as well as group meetings where you can also network and find support from other parents. You have the same coach throughout the career coaching, allowing us to focus effectively on advancing your situation.


Aurakoulutus Oy and Turku TAITO-Koulutus Oy, together, provide coaching in their own premises in Turku (Läntinen Pitkäkatu 21–23 D and Aninkaistenkatu 7). The service lasts 3 months and it includes 14h of individual coaching sessions and 10h of group coaching sessions. Appointment times will be agreed with you. Sign up by filling the registration form and let’s take the next steps in your career path together.

Read more about the coaching in Turku here.

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Anna Kamotzkin

As a coach, Anna is at her best when the client is still unsure of which direction they want to go. Her goal is to support the client’s overall well-being and goals. Anna also has a diverse, long-term experience of combining family and working life. She has also worked with many immigrant mothers and families. Intercultural interaction is inspiring for Anna.

“Problems are for solutions! There is no dead end from where we can't find a way out together.”

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Suvi Halttu

Suvi has a wealth of ideas and diverse experience of the world of study and working life. As a coach Suvi is solution-oriented, easy-going and encouraging. She also has recent personal experience of moving from family leave to working life.


"The best part of my work is when we have brainstormed ideas and overcome obstacles and my client realizes that they have found the right path, their Thing,"

Aurakoulutus Oy and
Turku TAITO-Koulutus Oy

Aurakoulutus Oy and Turku TAITO-Koulutus Oy, are well-experienced in career coaching and training. We have diverse regional knowledge and close co-operation networks with companies, educational institutions, organizations and authorities in Southwest Finland. Our approach to coaching is easy-going, solution-oriented and encouraging. Our coaches are knowledgeable, have a sense of humor and want to make it easier for you to move from family leave closer to work.

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