Coaching for parents

Are you on a parental leave or at home with your child/children? Would you like to have some support for taking a next step closer to working life? This might be for you! Our coaching offers tools for your next step after family leave.

The solution-based coaching focuses on exploring the parents' resources and future opportunities. We provide both group and individual coaching. The individual sessions are tailor-made for each parent's needs. The group meetings are a great way to widen your networks, to meet other parents and to get peer support. 

Coaching is free of charge and does not bind you to anything. The coaching takes place in the regions of Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Kuopio, Oulu and Lapland. Thus, you can also participate from neighbouring areas of cities mentioned above (meaning eg. in the coaching in Helsinki if you live in Espoo or Vantaa, in the coaching in Tampere if you live eg. in Kangasala or Nokia and so on). There are sessions available in multiple languages including Finnish, Swedish, English, Sami, Russian, Arabic, Kurdish (Sorani and Kurmanji), Persian, Mandarin Chinese and Ukrainian. 

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Äiti ja lapsi sylikkäin.

Are you thinking about your next step after family leave?

We are here to offer support for your next step after family leave - whether you are returning to a career, searching for new work, studying, or starting a company.

Where to next?

Family leave is an important and a meaningful stage of life.


Sharing precious moments with your family during this wonderful era can bring you lot of joy and happy memories. However, a break from working life can cause a wide range of other kind of feelings too, such as fear, insecurity or doubt.


We will guide you through this journey and towards your next step after family leave - whenever you feel ready for it!

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Tips for returning to work after family leave

In our video gallery, you will find tips for finding a new direction, returning to work and understanding your personal skill-set. Unfortunately videos are in Finnish.

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Tips for moving from the family leave to working life and combining family and work? Check out the guidebook Returning to work smoothly after Family leave created by together with MiB.
(The guidebook is also available in English but not at the moment here)

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