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From Family leave to Working life coaching


Provided by Hoivatie Oy

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Our coaching service

Participation in the coaching service supports the parents' shift closer to working life and the strengthening of working life skills through tailor-made working life-based coaching. The primary goal of the coaching is to provide support for job seeking and career planning, as well as to answer questions related to working life. During the coaching, we provide information on possible training and entrepreneurship options. In addition to work-related goals, the starting point is to strengthen well-being and resources and thereby promote the well-being of the whole family. During the coaching, clients gain clarity about their skills and to increase their general well-being, as well as the necessary tools (e.g. updated CV, diverse job seeking channels) for a successful transition to working life. 

To whom the coaching is and how is it organized?

Parents on the family leave or parents who are in a precarious employment situation right after the family leave living in Oulu region can participate in the From family leave to working life coaching. The coaching is carried out as intensive individual and group coaching during approximately three months (individual coaching 14 hours and group coaching 10 hours). The coaching involves a 2-hour follow-up meeting. The coaching always takes into account customer-specific needs. The group coaching is designed flexibly according to the interests and needs of the parents attending the coaching.  Sign up for the coaching in Oulu region here!

Meet the coaches!

School Notebook


Marjut Vaarala


I have worked for a long time in guidance and counseling in job search and career planning. I have versatile expertise in education and employment opportunities, as well as experience in multi-professional networking. I have a master's degree in education, and I have also completed social studies.


My working style is customer-oriented, encouraging and solution-oriented. I consider it important to listen to and support the client in my supervision work. The client's own wishes, goals and life situation are the starting point of guidance and give direction to the planning of an individual career path, where I will be alongside to support. 

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Anna Nieminen

"We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than talk", said a wise ancient chap called Zeno the Kitionian once. This and the fact that everyone deserves to be heard, seen and understood are the basis of all my guidance work. I believe that each of us has the opportunity to find our own mission in life and thereby be useful to others as well, once you find your own strengths, and the place where you can utilize them. I am happy to help and walk alongside you in this process.

I have worked in versatile guidance, coaching and teaching positions for almost a dozen years. My educational background is in educational sciences.

In my work the most fulfilling moments are when I notice that the client achieves their own goals and that I have been able to contribute to the cause in some small way, or even be there to watch when something like this happens - shared joy is the best joy!



Merja Järvelä


I am a resource-focused and committed professional with a diverse working experience in health, education and guidance walking with you side by side. The fundamental idea in my work is presence, genuine encounter and the comprehensive well-being of the person.  

I am MSc (Health sciences), teacher, midwife and nurse. I am currently studying to become a neuropsychiatric coach. I have work experience in nursing, teaching and guiding, short therapeutic working and directing various peer support groups.  

My diverse work experience in the field of well-being of families provides perspectives on supporting parents on family leave closer to working life, their own career path, as well as support for increasing their working life preparedness, well-being and resources. 

Anna-Kaisa Puusaari.jpg


Anna-Kaisa Puusaari


Come as you are!

Welcome to work together. You already have the keys to the solution. What I can offer you is presence, a surface for reflection, and guidance to support your life situation. Together, we can explore the right directions, opportunities and options for you in the future. The foundation is in your strengths, interests and skills. It's good to build on that.


I am an education, teaching and guidance professional who has worked in a variety of guidance-related roles for a long time, over the past fifteen years. I have a master's degree in education, I am also an expert in educational psychology and a study supervision. In my work, I am touched by different people, unique life stories and the power that each of us has. My approach is resource-oriented and solution-oriented. Peculiar life and well-being are the things I strive for in my work. A good life looks like its owner.



Pinja Valo


I am a job coach and an expert in educational psychology.


In my career, I have done various guidance and coaching assignments in the social field and planning assignments in the field of education. I have coached unemployed jobseekers in projects for various TE services, done individual career planning work, trained light entrepreneurs, instructed and taught asylum seekers and immigrants, and worked as a social counselor in child protection positions. On the care pathway, I have mainly done vocational and social rehabilitation for working-age people who have physical and / or mental challenges in their ability to work and function and who are about to start or return to work. I help and support in career planning, mapping competence and service needs, job search, work and functional ability and life management challenges.


In my work, it is important for me to create a secure and confidential interaction with the client. No matter what situations come along the way, I act as a bystander and guide the individual forward in the things he or she hopes for. My strengths in supervision are my individual, psychological and dialogical approach, as well as clients with various mental health challenges in their ability to work and function. You can also come to me about the employment of immigrants. 

Jarmo Salmi(3).jpg


Jarmo Salmi

I try to listen to the client with a sensitive ear so that I get the best possible understanding of his situation, resources, challenges. We then work together to build a plan toward his goal and make steps toward the milestones. In doing so, I hope that the conditions will be built for building mutual trust.

During my long work history, I have worked in an ambulance, worked as an educator, job counselor and job coach.

I expect to benefit from my applicable university degree, TM, as a supervisor and job coach, and as a functional team supervisor (TRO). In the Family-to-Work project, I act as an expert especially in matters related to the employment of immigrants, who have become familiar with my previous work assignments.

The coaching in Oulu is provided by Hoivatie Oy

Hoivatie (formerly Nuorten Ystävät, Friends of the Youth) is a nationwide NGO-based actor that, since its foundation, has worked open-mindedly for the benefit of disadvantaged as  well as children, young people and families in need. In Hoivatie, the activities of a non-governmental organization providing social good and a business group providing services are seamlessly intertwined, which enables us to develop new ways of working and models according to the personal needs of customers who need support. We are a nationwide expert and service provider in the field of social services.  


The From family leave to working life coaching is produced with a proven coaching model based on a dialogical approach that takes into account the individual needs of clients. The Hoivatie's career guidance and job coaching is a side-by-side, individually tailor-made support for clients to achieve employment and / or competency development goals. 

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