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Our work


Perhevapaalta työelämään (From Family leave to Working life -project) is a nationwide project funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The project is coordinated by the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

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Candy Cotton

From Family leave to Working life -coaching

You can read more about the coaching in your area or go directly to sign up below.

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Sign up for coaching!

The next coachings will start immediately in January 2023. Our registration form remains open all the time, so you can sign up in advance for the coaching in 2023. You will receive a confirmation message after sending your sign up form, and you will be contacted at the beginning of January. The call from a strange number on January will then probably be your new coach! The registration will continue to be open until the end of June 2023.

A warm welcome to the new adventure on your career path!

Coaching for parents – for free

Our main goal is to create means for a smoother transition from family leave to working life (or closer to it). We offer coaching services for parents who may have some insecurities regarding returning or moving to work. The coaching sessions focus on a variety of topics, including careers, personal skill-sets, job search and work-life balance. Our previous work was rated highly by the participants, who reported that the coaching helped them to find the right steps towards returning to work. Whether you hold a doctoral degree or degree not at all you are warmly welcome regardless your background!

Registration is still open!

You can sign up from here. After registration you will be contacted in a week by the coach. The coaching sessions are available in multiple languages including Finnish, Swedish, Sami (in Lapland), English, Arabic, Russian, Somali, Kurdish (Kurmanji and Sorani), Persian, Mandarin Chinese and Ukrainian.


The solution-oriented coaching focuses on parents' resources and future opportunities. We provide both group (10 hours) and individual coaching (16 hours). The individual sessions are tailor-made for each parent's needs. The group meetings are a great way to build networks, meet other parents and get peer support.


The coaching services are offered in the regions of Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Kuopio, Oulu and Lapland (remotely). The sessions take place in cities mentioned above. However, you are warmly welcome to participate also from the neigbouring areas (so for example come to coaching in Helsinki even though you live in Vantaa and so on).  The schedule is flexible!

Network collaboration across borders

In addition to coaching, the project develops the services that families are offered locally, and raises awareness on different channels of support for parents. Together with our collaborators (such as state administration, NGO's and family centres), we brainstorm and develop even better ways to provide services and support to families.


Our passion is to find ways to create a more family-friendly working life in Finland!

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Working from Home

Electronic Family Centre Project by DigiFinland

The From family leave to working life -project is involved in development project of Electronic Family Centre.

Read more about the Electronic Family Centre Project from DigiFinland's website!

A guide for employers about family leave

The From Family leave to working life -project offers a guide about family leave matters and family leave reform (2022) to support employers. The guide is made in cooperation with various governmental actors, labor market organizations, employers and organizations representing parents. The guide will be published in September 2022, when the family leave reform has entered into force.

The guide brings together key issues for the employer to consider before, during, and when the employee returns to work from family leave. The guide also shares information about the family leave reform.  With the help of the guide, the project supports smooth cooperation between those on family leave and the employer when transitioning to and returning from the family leave, and thus aims to contribute to a more family-friendly working life in Finland.

The guide is coordinated by the From family leave to working life project and produced by Era Content Oy.

Father and Daughter

Support and information

Our third goal is to share advice and information with families, employers and our collaboration partners. Follow our blog and social media channels to stay up to date on the family-friendly work we do in Finland!

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Candy Cotton

Our team

Our team of five at Uusimaa ELY Centre is passionate about the well-being of families.

You can reach our team by e-mail .

Saija Enqvist

Saija Enqvist

Project Manager

" Together we are more "

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Tomi Majuri

Project Planner

" Do your best - that's enough "

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Emilia Virtanen

Project Planner

"Towards new with an open mind"

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Pauliina Paija

Project planner


"Joy is found from the little everyday things"

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