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From Family leave to Working life coaching


Provided by Eezy Työllisyyspalvelut

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Our coaching service

In the coaching, you get support for the needs of your future career. We go through the career planning and job search process vigorously and in a way that supports the participants' own situation, wishes and goals. You have the personal support and guidance of an experienced coach available for you.

To whom the coaching is
and how is it organized?

The service is meant for parents on family leave in Lapland who do not have a valid employment relationship or who have uncertainties regarding the continuation of their employment. However, personal coaching can be customized also for a parent returning to their current job, who have uncertainties or concerns related to their returning to work. Thus, the absence of the employment is not a criterion for participation in the service.


You can register for the coaching via our registration form on this website. After receiving your registration, the coach will contact you about starting the service. In Lapland, the coaching service is organized remotely. Read more about the coaching in Lapland from here.

Meet the coaches below!

School Notebook

Sanna Voutilainen

I have worked for several years in various guidance roles with clients in different life situations. The starting point of my coaching is a customer and solution-oriented approach, and customer respect. I work by listening to the customer, supporting and taking them forward. My strengths as a coach are the skills of facing the client, a positive attitude and a strong understanding of working life, employment opportunities in different fields, training options and employment support services. In my coaching, I always start by mapping out the client's skills and strengths, strengthening one's professional identity, self-confidence and beliefs about their ability, setting wishes and goals, as well as setting concrete steps towards the client's goal.