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From Family leave to Working life coaching


Provided by Eezy Työllisyyspalvelut

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Our coaching service

In the coaching, you get support for the needs of your future career. We will go through the career planning and job search process vigorously and in a way that supports the participants' own situation, wishes and goals. You have the personal support and guidance of an experienced coach available for you.

To whom the coaching is and how is it organized?

The service is meant for parents on family leave in the Kuopio region who do not have a valid employment relationship or who have uncertainties regarding the continuation of their employment. However, personal coaching can be customized for a parent returning to their current work, with uncertainties or concerns related to returning back to work. Thus, the absence of the employment relationship is not a criterion for participation in the service.


You can register for the coaching via our registration form on this website. After receiving your registration, the coach will contact you about starting the service. Our premises in Kuopio are located at Viestikatu 1-3, where we arrange face-to-face coaching. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to organize flexible web coaching sessions by using the Microsoft Teams platform. Read more about the coaching in Kuopio region from here!

Meet the coaches!

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Martti Turunen


I have been working in the field of coaching and employment in the Savo-Karelia region for almost 15 years with various customer groups. The basic starting point of my coaching work is listening to the client and progressing according to their own goals. It is never too late or the wrong moment to start chasing your dreams, and moving forward in small steps is as valuable as great leaps.


Tiia Kantanen

I get my motivation in my work from the successes of my clients. I think everyone has more options when looking for a job than you might think at first. Together we will succeed!




Hanna Hirvonen


I have been working as a career coach for almost fifteen years and I have a wide knowledge of education, employment and different kind of family leave support systems. My coaching is always based on individual needs and together we can find a best path to working life

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