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From family leave to working life coaching


Provided by Arffmann Finland Oy

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Our coaching service

Clients attending the From Family leave to working life coaching will participate in group coaching with other parents but also have a personal coach to support their transition to the working life. The coaching is instructive, advisory and supportive in nature, and its content is planned according to the client’s background and goals to support in the process of their career planning.


Topics covered in the coaching include personal skills and strengths, employment and training options, IT skills in job search, knowledge of working life, identification of potential barriers to employment, assessment of the personal job search situation and comprehensive development of job search skills.

After the coaching, the client has the necessary tools to move into working life, apply for training or start another suitable career path. In addition, customers receive peer support and networks through group meetings.

To whom the coaching is
and how is it organized?

Parents on family leave in the Helsinki region who feel they need support in their transitioning to work can participate in the from family leave to working life coaching. Coaching includes 10 hours of group coaching in a small group (5-8 people) and 16 hours of individual coaching with a personal coach. The coaching is carried out in Helsinki at Töölönlahdenkatu 3 B (Barona Koti). In addition, coaching is conducted online remotely.


The total duration of the coaching is three months, after which the client participates in a two-hour follow-up meeting with a personal coach approximately six months after the start of the service. You can register for the service via the registration form.

Meet the coaches!

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Roosa Piipponen

Roosa has a long experience as a coach and in working with young people and adults with special needs. She is an inspirer, coach and a future-oriented person walking with you side by side. Roosa is a Rehabilitation Instructor (MsC, university of applied sciences), a vocational teacher, a work coach and a solution-focused neuropsychiatric coach. She has special skills in guiding the joint stages of clients in challenging life situations, employment management in career coaching, and directing to various rehabilitation services. Roosa also has strong work experience in networking and multi-professional activities.



Pekka Väisänen


Pekka has a long work experience as a teacher and coach. He has guided people of almost all ages on issues related to studies and career choice. Pekka is able to give the coachee good practical tips on the requirements of many different professions and issues related to competence. Pekka is open and funny in nature and he is a good listener. In addition to vocational teacher training, Pekka has completed a special vocational qualification as a work coach. He has also studied education and special education. Pekka's work approach is to move together with the coachee towards the goal. Pekka's coaching aims to utilize the customer's strengths and successes as much as possible. Pekka has noticed that a positive attitude helps to cope with almost all difficult situations. Of course, without work and effort, the goal will not be achieved. 

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Tiina Saarinen

I love people's diverse career stories and charting hidden paths! With me, you can think about new careers from many angles and taking your wishes into account.

Having created my professional skin many times and returning to working life after 6 years of family leave, as a former expatriate Finn, I believe I can look at many things from outside the "box".

My educational background is interdisciplinary and my work experience is diverse. I have worked in both the private and public sector in career and recruitment tasks, in industry, in startup companies, in education exports and in the IT sector. In all of these, the common denominator has been the development of skills as a trainer, encourager, developer and consultant.

At Arffman, I have already been able to work for five eventful years with interesting individual and group coaching as well as content production and development. My clients have given me positive feedback about, among other things, open-mindedness, solution-orientedness, positivity and approachability.





Tara Vallenius

I have been in the social sector since 2014. During my working career, I have worked with children, young people, adults, the disabled and immigrants. I have also guided partially-abled people through various paths into working life. 

I have been involved in founding two companies and one charity.

During my life, I have been able to act in the role of an employee and in the role of a manager. However, all my activities have always been based on helping and coaching people.

My task as a coach is to walk beside the coachee when big and important decisions are made. I am support and security you can count on. I act as a mentor and provide tools to help you reach your goals. My job is to simply listen, care genuinely, and create a safe space for contemplation, questioning, insights, and reevaluation. 

You, the coachee, set the pace and ultimately make the necessary changes in your life to achieve your desired career goals.

I also coach in Arabic, Persian and English.

Arffmann Finland Oy

Arffman is the country's leading provider of work-oriented coaching and training services. By listening, caring, and appropriately applying, we help people to find a desire to learn and develop in themselves. And whatever we do, we do it measurably and effectively. In the From Family Leave to Working Life coaching, we offer personal coaching to support your job search or help you find training that strengthens your skills.

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